Since the beginning we knew that work and private life should run side by side. Work equals joy and satisfaction for us. People are what keeps us going, as well as fun, and we are not afraid to say it. It is worth to have experiences that can be wrote down in the calendar of memories.

There was no other choice – we decided to make an opportunity for people to fill all the pages of their calendar. Our is almost full already.

That is why we are here, in this very place. We want to share our joy with you, that comes from the time spend together. We want to provide exceptional memories of days we believe are the most precious.

What we do is organizing wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as other opportunities to celebrate connected with them. With the mutual cooperation we guarantee professionalism, passion and engagement. We’ll be anywhere you need us.

Alicja i Sonia


This tab should carry the proud name of offer. However we don’t have one. Adjusting a proper solution for the given person is the definition of offer for us. We don’t have any schemas prepared. We believe that everybody deserves on creating an individual scenario. And we can do anything you imagine, from the organization of the event, through its coordination.


We will organize you a wedding ceremony and reception of your dreams. We will arrange a themed wedding together, we will run to a florist for you, choose the most beautiful location, provide delicious food, climatic music, the best photographer, we will deal with all formalities, get in touch with all the guests, provide amazing visual setting, attractions, we will be at your disposal. We will take care of the reception agenda and always contribute something extra.


The purpose of our work is to make the bride and groom enjoy the wedding. On that special day we are “good fairies”, making sure that everything goes according to previously prepared scenario. We will deal with all formalities, supervise the staff and take care of the guests. Let us make you feel like guests at your own wedding. Leave the entire logistics to us.


Preparations for the wedding are running smoothly – wedding hall checked, photographer checked, band checked, invitations checked… but something’s still missing. It is a sign that you need a helping hand, that will give you an advice what to do. Or maybe you are just at the beginning and you are not sure where to start your preparations to the wedding? We invite you to come for a wedding advice – a meeting with us will surely encourage you to take some action.


We don’t want to look to the future to much but… If you want us to, we will organize you also:
❖ Wedding Anniversary
❖ Baby shower
❖ Baptism Party
❖ First birthday
❖ The reception of Holy Communion
❖ Birthday
❖ Anniversaries


Blanca & Koen

Blanca & Koen and their beautiful fairy tale. We like it when a couple gives us 100% trust. This is how it was here and both the cooperation and the end result fill us with pride and satisfaction. We like international parties, ... more

We waited a long time for this wedding, but it was definitely worth it! Basia and Filip presented themselves insanely! The peach-colored room with banquet chairs and rich flower arrangements has changed its face. We also arranged an orangery, wher ... more

Asia & Sebastian

It was a real outdoor wedding! The weather did not spoil us at the end of August, but Asia, Sebastian and their wonderful guests, who warmed the dance floor with love and dancing, all worked out exactly as it should. 🙂 Even during the ceremony, ... more

Sonia i Esben

it was an outdoor wedding that we all waited for, and we had to wait a year longer because of the pandemics. But it’s worth waiting for such weddings! The outdoor ceremony took place in a lavender field, we regret that the phot ... more

Natalie & Tomek

Delicious food, breathtaking views, good music, beautiful family atmosphere, and love. These were the days of Natalie and Tomek in Polna Zdrój in June, a slow wedding in a climate. What is a slow wedding? To make the celebration unhurried, ... more


Humanistic wedding – what is it?

A humanistic wedding is nothing but a ceremony organized 100% in your style. There are no legal consequences (you do not get a marriage certificate from an official), you are not married in the spirit of the Catholic Church. But you are married, your wedding, during which you have made an oath written by you, which was run by your friend, someone f ...


Wishes for the newlyweds

Making wishes is a must for a traditional Polish wedding. And very good, because it is an opportunity to greet each guest and exchange a few words, which is difficult later during the adoption. Submission for the Bride and Groom usually takes place upon arrival at the place of reception and after the official toast. We strongly advise you not to m ...



Alicja 509 656 743
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Alicja 509 656 743
Sonia 512 468 051

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