Freddie & Daniel

Three days, 150 people, millions of memories and infinitely many emotions. That was the August weekend of Freddie and Daniel. When we started working with them almost two years ago, we knew that there would be an unusually wedding planning for this pair. They felt like having a real celebration of their love, so they did, and we helped them.

On Friday, the guests came to the Topacz Castle, there was a barbecue, bonfire, roasting marshmellows, common and unusual conversations and the joy of being together. On Saturday, 150 guests dressed in white with Freddie and Daniel set off to explore Wroclaw. It was a challenge! Each group had a guide who spoke in the right language. Later on a lunch on a ship, cruise on the Oder and return to the Castle.

But Sunday … Sunday was for them. Freddie and Daniel’s wedding and reception will stay with us forever. An outdoor ceremony in a Jewish rite, a garden party on the grass with live music and a wedding ball until dawn. On the terrace, a hot dog booth and Photo Bus are very popular.

It was an unforgettable weekend for us as well. Three-day coordination is the power of adrenaline, concentration and, above all, satisfaction.

We hope for more!

Foto: Kinoletna