Koordynatorki ślubne czuwają nad każdym szczegółem. for. Lovestory

Koordynatorki ślubne czuwają nad każdym szczegółem. for. Lovestory

Pozwólcie sobie na luksus poczucia się gośćmi na własnym przyjęciu.  for. Piqsell

Pozwólcie sobie na luksus poczucia się gośćmi na własnym przyjęciu. for. Piqsell

Koordynatorka ślubna dopilnuje dekoracji.

Koordynatorka ślubna dopilnuje dekoracji.

Wedding coordinators – why you should hire them?

The wedding day is a day marked by great emotions. It is perfectly understandable, even a lack of them would be strange. However, emotions are also associated with stress, absentmindedness that accompany us on that day, as well as the irresistible desire that everything should go as planned and that the guests should have fun.

Do you want to have fun at your wedding?

Hire a coordinator, preferably wedding coordinators. As far as the preparation went smoothly, because you had a lot of time for it, so on this day happens a lot and quickly. Let yourself afford this luxury, to feel like guests at your wedding party, enjoy without stress what this day will bring to you. Without thinking whether the make-up artist will arrive on time, whether the band has already arrived, or the violinist found the church and set the course of the mass with the organist …

The success of the event consists of such small things that nobody notices. At least, they should not be seen by a wedding guest who is to feel relaxed and happy to be with you.

What does the wedding coordinator do?

Above all, the wedding coordinator takes on all the logistics of that day. Working with our couples, we always set a framework schedule for the day about a week before the wedding. Framework, because the wedding party is extremely dynamic, and the scheduled cake at 21:15, can leave 15 minutes later, if the guests have a great time. Coordinator is just to make all wedding service work flexibly. It is you and your guests who are the most important on this day, not hours of meals. The wedding coordinator will take care of every detail – for the arrival of the make-up artist, for the decoration in the room, so that it would be in accordance with what you agreed with the florist, so that the band would stick to the agreed repertoire, let the guests find the right rooms, and the organist made a rehearsal with the violinist you employed. A good wedding coordinator is invisible. It works in your shadow while having everything under control.

Can you hire a wedding consultant for your wedding day?

Of course. Sometimes we take over the reins at the end of your wedding trip. We meet then, we collect contacts with your subcontractors, we agree with them the plan of the day and from now on you do not worry about anything anymore. This peace and confidence that there is someone who watches over all this confusion are priceless.

After all, it’s worth having a good time at your wedding party. 🙂

How much does the coordination service cost? Ask us – http://bit.ly/2JQ1r0w