DJ for the wedding – why is it a good idea?

Music, next to the Bride and of course the Groom is one of the most important things at the wedding. Good music is good music, and good music equals good fun. How to find the musical tastes of all guests, how to please the older and younger generation and play the music at the highest level and what are the advantages of employment for a DJ wedding, says Marcin Piłat.

What kind of music to kidnap people to dance?
You can take any music to dance people. If this is the beginning of the event and people are still saying “shy” then the so-called Golden Hits. Then everything depends on the DJ instinct, who should feel at what musical styles the group is playing and give them short sets on this topic, of course, interweaving with other songs.

Have you ever played banquet parties without a dance party?
Weddings, no. Banquets yes, it happens quite often that I play the so-called setting, or background music for a meeting, dinner or other celebrations. Usually it is not dance music, but more subdued, but still in the club atmosphere. Once, it happened to me that on such a banquet I played spontaneous dance songs in the style of funk – soul and a few people started dancing, so it happens anyway.

And what music is best to play for wishes or meals?
This is where the best American jazz, with melody and vocals, works best for me. It also fits pop-jazz ballads in the style of Sting, or more romantic like Rod Steward, Joe Cocker or Barbara Streisand.

What is the most common song for the first dance?
Here Frank Sinatra reigns supreme. I am not exaggerating, as I say that almost half of the couples at weddings I hosted danced to his songs. From other artists, Madonna, M. Jackson, Dire Straits, and even Frost were passing.

Did you have the opportunity to play at a wedding party with live music (orchestra)? How does it work?
Two cases can be mentioned here. The first one is one where the orchestra only plays at the beginning of the wedding, wishes, dinner and the first dance, and then only the DJ. The second case is when the orchestra plays alternately with the DJ all night long. This works well, because even the best orchestra will not play certain songs that a DJ can play. However, with such a solution you have to take into account quite a large financial expense.

Do you impose your repertoire or adapt to their expectations?
I always adapt to the expectations of a bride or a company for which I play. If the event is to be somewhat in the Balkan style, whether jazz or film – no problem. Of course, I add it to other popular hits, and it’s always a good party. When it comes to weddings, I always ask young couples to provide several, a maximum of a dozen tracks, the so-called “must be” – which they like the most, or have good memories with them or just think that the wedding can not be missing. Around this I build my playlist on a regular basis during the event, reacting to what is currently happening on the dance floor.
I never have a rigid playlist set in advance.

Can you kidnap an older generation to dance?
Of course. It’s not true that without a disco polo, older guests will not be entertained. There are really many hits that can be taken by our aunts, grandmothers and always active uncles to dance. Starting with the Polish hits of Maryla Rodowicz and Budki Suflera, by jazz jazz classics like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, ending with disco hits of the ’70s and’ 80s, Boney M, Kool And The Gang and Modern Talking.

What is the cost of a wedding service by a DJ?
The subject of money is always a matter that is determined individually and which is rarely spoken outside. I can definitely say that the price of music service depends on a few options. Among others, from the length of the playing or the distance of the venue from Wrocław.

What music you avoid at the wedding?
I certainly avoid disco polo and banquet music. I think that you can have great fun without such music, which is confirmed by other events I played.

Do you have any specific requirements, number of power connections, acoustics, etc.?
In addition to even one stable, secured current connection, there is nothing more. I am self-sufficient. However, I require that the place where I set the equipment is well protected from weather conditions. This is especially important at outdoor events, when the weather is very capricious and often changes unannounced.

Do you play on the outdoor events?
Yes, it happens. Recently, weddings or banquets in the open air, in gardens or on terraces are very popular. If the weather allows, such events come out very well. It is often required to have a bigger, stronger sound system and, as I said earlier, to protect the stage (equipment space) from possible rain.

Have you ever run an unusual wedding / dance set?
Once I played at a Jewish wedding, alternating with
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