Wedding shoes

How to choose wedding shoes?

Wedding fashion, just like wedding trends are still moving forward and are bolder! We do not need to add that it immensely pleases us and gives us much more opportunities when organizing wedding receptions. Let’s stop for a moment in fashion, specifically at the footwear.

When to buy shoes?

If every day the leg is not used to heels, it will quickly get tired even after an hour, which we do not want. You can slowly get used to the heels and start to wear them a few months before the wedding, then there is a chance that our body will get used to them. And we’re not talking about walking along the corridor, just about going to work or meeting friends. It’s good to dance a little in them. Gentlemen should also buy footwear shoes in advance. Although heels do not apply to them (though who knows? :)), shoes should also go early. Even the most expensive shoes can believe, especially men with a wide foot and high instep. Gentlemen, I also advise you to buy shoes well in advance and slowly test them.

How to choose wedding shoes?

The basic rule for classic stylizations – for black garnitour / tuxedo / frakka we buy black or dark brown shoes, for garnet, gray or green shades, the classic brown leather shoes match perfectly. It is also worth paying attention to their shape / cut, which should be adapted to both the silhouette of the groom and the fashion of the suit. For the slim fit styling, shoes with an extended toe fit perfectly, while for regular cuts and a little larger silhouettes, we definitely recommend shoes with a wider base and not so long a tip. For loose stylizations like a shirt, suspenders and chinos – you can go ahead with sneakers. Ladies, however, with long dresses have a large freedom – they can match the shoes to the lead color, splinters or not with heel heels. With similar dresses, please pay attention to the shade of white or beige. If the dress is snow-white and we care for classic light shoes, let’s match them with a shade to the dress. Snow-white dress, does not necessarily look good with creamy shoes. Colored shoes with short dresses, we say determined yes!

Sports shoes + wedding dress

How does it sound? Well, bad, scary, impossibly? Calls can be different and certainly no bride, on the day of her wedding, will not stop putting what she dreams about. Sport or casual shoes are a great solution for brides, which are definitely a no-hills type. However, one must remember about the whole stylization. The sneakers do not necessarily fit into an elegant lace dress. However, for loose styling in the style of boho, for example in the form of a skirt and blouse as much as possible.

It’s your day, if you dream of yellow shoes, make them yourself! Remember only about the whole stylization and about it to fit the character of the party.

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